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Our espresso beverages are made with grass-fed milk from local, organic dairy farms.
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Holiday Event
Open House

Join us for an afternoon featuring creative work from three MN makers. Shop, mingle, and share your own story here during this special holiday event.

Open House: Sun, Dec 14

Public Field Guide Open Interview & Art Reception: 2-4pm
Scarlet A Design Jewelry Open House: 4-8pm
Eureka Pots 3rd Annual Trunk Show: 4-8pm

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Wherever You Go, There You Are
A Public Field Guide 2014 Retrospective
Art Show

Show: Nov 18 - Jan 4
Sun, Dec 14

Karen Kopacz
Tracks to many places, but who knows where | Poppies on Fairview | In a Dream with an open heart.

Public Field Guide documents stories about people who are following a dream, engaging community, or rethinking life and work. These stories emphasize meaning, experience and living well over consumerism and status and are told through photography, video shorts and Q&A.

Since launching the documentary story blog in March, 2014, Karen has met countless people with inspiring stories, often crossing paths by chance. These moments of intersection have been part of the expansiveness of her travels through Minnesota, Colorado, Washington, and New Mexico. 

Framed images for this photographic series express Karen's deeply personal experiences in nature and with the land (where she feels most connected to herself) while on her journey to find people who are creating their New American Dream.

- Karen Kopacz, Photographer & Documentarian
Public Field Guide

Karen Kopacz

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Worker B
On the Shelves

Worker B Products

Worker B ingredients come straight from the hive, forming the base for their Skincare, Candle and Varietal Raw Honey Collections. They hand-craft each product in small batches, performing all sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing themselves. As Worker B grows, so does their support of ethical, sustainable beekeepers.

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Rustica Bread   Rustica Bread
On the Shelves

In addition to pastries, we sell Rustica bread. Baguettes and a variety of other breads from miche to olive are available as a snack or to take for your next gathering or party.
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Director of Photography: Bo Hakala | Director / Editor: Jake Nyberg | threevolts