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Our espresso beverages are made with grass-fed milk from local, organic dairy farms.
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Lisa Rydin Erickson
Art Show
Show: Oct 3 - Nov 17

Lisa Rydin Erickson
Understory sumi ink on rice paper 12"x18"

Understory - in forestry and ecology refers to plant life growing beneath the forest canopy and above ground. It includes shrubs, young trees, plants, mushrooms as well as all of the tree litter and nurse logs that are fodder for new growth.

These drawings and paintings are the result of trips to Hovland, MN and a friends cabin. It’s restoring spending days so close to the forest floor where growth and decay become a united palette and everything sensory in the forest washes over you. Drawing on rice paper for me is quick and responsive. Many of these ink drawings were done in Hovland with an outside sawhorse working table. Paintings were done later.

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Worker B
On the Shelves

Worker B Products

Worker B ingredients come straight from the hive, forming the base for their Skincare, Candle and Varietal Raw Honey Collections. They hand-craft each product in small batches, performing all sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing themselves. As Worker B grows, so does their support of ethical, sustainable beekeepers.

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Rustica Bread   Rustica Bread
On the Shelves

In addition to pastries, we sell Rustica bread. Baguettes and a variety of other breads from miche to olive are available as a snack or to take for your next gathering or party.
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Director of Photography: Bo Hakala | Director / Editor: Jake Nyberg | threevolts