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To Our Customers—

As of January 1, 2015, we will begin paying our employees not just a living but a livable wage. To accomplish this increase in hourly pay rates we are increasing prices and eliminating the practice of tipping at the café. We believe that by creating a sustainable pricing model to support the quality of our products and staff we offer a positive (and delicious!) experience in a way that gratuity-driven service simply cannot.

As the owners, we are an integral part of Kopplin's, but so too are our talented employees. Sharing the work of the café deepens our commitment to them, which is to create a secure and fulfilling role for those who choose to stay with us. In doing so, we make our coffee house a better place for every person who sets foot inside. As we seek to create this alternative to standard 'service industry' chains, we choose to provide fair compensation (exceeding the "living wage" of $9.69 in Ramsey County). This validates the good work of our employees and creates a more stable and equitable pay environment for these people who bring beauty into our lives with the creation of their hands.

In 2006, Kopplin's Coffee opened with a vision based on a philosophy of good taste and real community. Over time the principles of the shop have evolved and strengthened to form the backbone of the café that exists today.
We're here to provide a location, a unique space, standing opposed to the prevailing narrative that reduces people to consumers. We imagine a community of people in collaboration, with customers and staff learning from each other. We are excited to announce this latest step Kopplin's is taking toward making our vision more concrete.

We call Kopplin's our "public house," a focal point of community. We welcome you to linger over a cup and conversation with us.

Andrew & Amanda Kopplin, Owners

The Island
A Collaborative Book Project

Show: Jan 4 - Feb 28
Sat, Jan 17 | 6-8pm

Karen Kopacz
The Island written by Josiah Titus, illustrated by Nate Christopherson, designed by Karl Engebretson

The show you see here is a selection of broadsides from the artist book The Island. This project is the result of a 2013 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant. Every aspect of this book was created by the three principle collaborators on this project: illustrator Nate Christopherson, writer Josiah Titus and designer Karl Engebretson, and it could not have happened without the support of many additional talented individuals. The book was printed at the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts using a combination of lead type, photo polymer plates and wood blocks, with consultation and guidance from master printer Dave Setterholm. The red oak, lilac, and apple wood blocks were harvested and milled by Reid Knutson and were planed by Charlie Christopherson. Tara Sweeney provided instrumental design advice and mentorship in the book binding process. Editorial assistance was provided by Patrick Thomas, Luke Finsaas and Carlee Alson. The Island is the culmination of two and a half years of work under the premise that a book should be a beautiful tactile object. It is our best work and we are proud to present it to you.

For more information on the collaborators in this project please go to