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When we were first introduced to Kopplins several years ago, we didn't think it could get any better.
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Our espresso beverages are made with grass-fed milk from local, organic dairy farms.
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Alex Poepping
Art Show
Show: July 5 - August 17

Reception: July 18 | 6-8pm

Paige de Wees

Performance IV
linocut on fabric with thread and wax


This collection is an extension of my most recent collection exploring esotericism, delving into the objects of ritual and spirituality and the people who use them. I seek not only to create esoteric icons but to produce evidence of ritual and the occult. Combining scientific, spiritual, nostalgic and architectural imagery, these relics will draw the curiosity of the viewer while excluding them from their true meaning and origins. Shifting between figurative, abstract and still life representations, these compositions seek to alienate the viewer from the exact use but give just enough clues to rouse suspicion.

By portraying the artworks as tattered relics I show ownership, past use and reverence without revealing an exact importance. Spotlighting the touch of the past owner or ritual overseer, I draw inspiration from spiritual architecture, Indian classical dance, catholic relics and the treatment of objects with historical significance.

Vinyl Night

Worker B
On the Shelves

Worker B Products

Worker B ingredients come straight from the hive, forming the base for their Skincare, Candle and Varietal Raw Honey Collections. They hand-craft each product in small batches, performing all sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing themselves. As Worker B grows, so does their support of ethical, sustainable beekeepers.

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Rustica Bread   Rustica Bread
On the Shelves

In addition to pastries, we sell Rustica bread. Baguettes and a variety of other breads from miche to olive are available as a snack or to take for your next gathering or party.
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