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Our Philosophy

Kopplin’s connects growers, makers, and community. We center our philosophy around these three constituents. They drive our menu selections and each aspect of our café to create a warm and valuable experience of Good Taste.

Our Growers

We strive to know our producers. Our beans are sourced by people we know, people who have the knowledge and real life experience to choose wisely with balanced consideration for fair treatment, environmental care, and exceptional quality. We use organic, grass-fed, non-homogenized milk, produced here in the Midwest. Whenever possible, we work with local producers we trust: Stone’s Throw Farm, Heath Glen Farm Kitchen, Sweetland Orchard, Littlefoot Farm.

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Our Makers

We believe in doing, not just talking. The current culture runs on ephemeral ideas, mass manufacturing, and consumption. We thrive on a slower, more sustainable spirit of connection and joy. We place greater value on fewer, but better, things. A rotating selection of artisan products are made by hand by people we know, including: Rogue Chocolatier, Bliss Gourmet Foods, Scarlet A Design, Worker B, Eureka Pots, Barefoot Studio, and of course our own skillful baristas!

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Our Community

We create an atmosphere for interaction. Our café is not a chain or an overly-orchestrated showcase. We actively seek this small-scale, stable and self-sustaining presence in the neighborhood. As of January 1, 2015, we began paying our employees not just a living but a livable wage. We donate 1% of our cash sales to local organizations in the form of local goods (i.e. Ames Farm honey and Stone’s Throw produce to the Keystone Foodshelf) through our “Power of Change” program. We also engage community organizations, such as M2 Foundation, in hosted activities to further enable connection. We provide a comfortable meeting point for book groups, knitting groups, local artists, and people of many philosophies to greet each other each day over a cup of coffee or tea.

Good Taste happens when we connect with the people and the world around us. Through focusing on these connections, Kopplin's hopes to create not an award-winning or esoteric experience, but rather one based on authenticity and truism that but for all those around us, we'd be alone.

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