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Kopplin's is always showing up on the news, in the paper, in a blog post or interview. These are just a few highlights of Kopplin's in the media. Visit the GOOD TASTE blog for more news.

Appetites: 'Third Wave' of Coffee Evolution Brings New Level of Artisanship

MPR | November 28, 2012

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The revolution in local food has a potable component — craft brewing and locally roasted coffee are rising in popularity, not just in the Twin Cities, but also in other parts of the state, such as Duluth.

MPR News: When you say third wave, what do you mean?

Norton: Think of diner coffee and Folgers as first wave: sweet, a bit nutty, often watery or characterless. Starbucks really typifies the second wave: higher prices, dark roasts; specialized coffee drinks, many of them very sweet or flavored.

Third wave is parallel to craft beer or artisan cheese. The beans are roasted much more carefully. The cups of coffee are often brewed on demand, one cup at a time. The roasting is often much lighter to show off natural flavor notes of the beans. There are a lot of interesting methods used to brew: Chemex, pour-over, or French press, for example. You'll often see latte art, not just as a "wow that's cool" thing, but as a sign that the milk was properly frothed.

MPR News: What are some third wave cafes in the Twin Cities?

Norton: There are plenty around, to greater or lesser extents. I think of Dogwood, Kopplin's, the Peace Coffee Cafe, and Bull Run, but that's not an exhaustive list. Go to any of those places and ask them about their roasting and brewing philosophies, and they'll have detailed, thoughtful answers for you.

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The Twin Cities Greatest Hits

Minnesota Monthly | November, 2012

City Pages Best Barista

When we were first introduced to Kopplins several years ago, we didn’t think it could get any better. Its youthful proprietor, Andrew Kopplin, approached his trade with a dedication that helped kick off the Twin Cities’ coffee revolution: sourcing rare beans, hosting cuppings, and turning latté foam into art. Kopplin showed us that coffee could have the depth and personality of wine, with flavors ranging from bright citrus notes to funky forest mushrooms. (Even cream addicts took their beverages black.) He introduced us to the innovative Clover brewing machine and the luxury of Rogue hot chocolate. And then, last year, Kopplin further improved our coffee-drinking experience by moving his business to bigger, more comfortable digs. • 2038 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, 651-698-0457, kopplinscoffee.com

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Kopplin's Voted Best Coffee Shop 2012
City Pages | 2012

City Pages Best Barista It's newer, it's bigger and, if it's possible, it's even better than its former home on Hamline. The Kopplin's space on Marshall Avenue is bright and full of room for spreading out work and laptops. There is now also a retail space where fans can buy chocolate and coffee paraphernalia. Andrew Kopplin takes his coffee very seriously. He doesn't even stock decaf because he believes the flavor of the bean is too compromised if the caffeine is removed. From a quality-crafted, individually brewed cup to the hot chocolate made with sultry, dark Rogue chocolate, every item in a cup is an exercise in elegance.

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Serious Java:
The Twin Cities' New Generation of Artisan Coffee Shops

MINNPOST | February 24, 2012
by Elizabeth Millard

City Pages Best Barista

Six years ago, when Kopplin's Coffee opened in St. Paul, it was unique in its approach to serving. Owner Andrew Kopplin wanted a shop that was similar to ones in Portland and Seattle, where patrons could get artfully brewed coffee, complete with "latte art" — those creative leaves and swirls that baristas produce in the foam atop a cup.

"There were a lot of coffee shops here, but nothing that was high end, not like it is on the West Coast," he says. "It took a few years, but it seems like it's really taking off now."

Kopplin's has been joined by a score of coffee shops where the menu is long, complex, and detailed. Places like Blue Ox, Quixotic, Angry Catfish, Spyhouse, Urban Bean, Peace Coffee, and Bull Run give patrons descriptions about each coffee, emphasizing its origin in terms of being fair trade and carefully roasted.

The baristas at these shops spend a luxuriously long time — sometimes to the frustration of get-it-and-go commuters — creating artful blends that seem to have more factors than a math problem.

"We're seeing more restaurants opening up where they're very conscious about ingredients, in terms of being local and sustainable," says Kopplin. "The same thing is now happening with coffee."

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Where to Get Hot Chocolate in the U.S.

Food & Wine
| January, 2012

Food & Wine

This coffeehouse specializes in espresso drinks but also serves a superb hot chocolate that combines steamed organic milk, cocoa powder, and 70-percent-cacao bars handmade by Rogue Chocolatier's owner, Colin Gasko.

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Dining With Dara: St. Paul: Chocolate Powerhouse

THe Current
| January 11, 2012
by Dara Moskowitz-Grumdahl

This spring sees two new chocolate shops opening in St. Paul, and we've already seen the relocation of Kopplin's, Minnesota's greatest hot-chocolate maker as well as founding coffee-shop.

Kopplin's new location on Marshall — in the same block as Choo Choo Bob's and Izzy's Ice Cream — is a good six or seven times the size of the old location, next to the Nook. And they now have two killer hot chocolates, one made with Belgian Callebaut, (pronounced kull-about, or kull-abow, depending if you're in a Dutch-Belgian or French-Belgian accenting mood), and the other made with Rogue chocolate.

Kopplin's Rated one of "America's Coolest Coffeehouses"

| November, 2011
The Atlantic | Republished January 23, 2012
by Joshua Pramis

City Pages Best Barista

This coffeehouse is truly about supporting the local community, so when you’re sipping your café miél—espresso that’s been sweetened with honey, rather than sugar—you can rest easy knowing the milk is from a locally raised grass-fed cow and the espresso is from Fair Trade and organic sources. Mark your calendar for November 25, 2011, when Kopplin’s opens in a new, improved space at 2038 Marshall Avenue.

Local Knowledge: Pick up a sweet pastry made at nearby Rustica bakery to accompany your caffeine fix—like the bostock, brioche soaked in orange flower water and topped with almond spread.

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Read the full article | The Atlantic

City Pages Best Barista

Feature on Kopplin's "Symphony in a Cup"

Twin Cities METRO
| August, 2011
by Quinton Skinner

City Pages Best Barista

It wasn’t terribly long ago that coffee was strictly an acrid, utilitarian beast (Denny’s cup might have been endless, but it was questionable whether one should have begun in the first place). Local in-store roasters Dunn Bros and ubiquitous juggernaut behemoth Starbucks raised the ante in terms of flavor and selection, but their greatest strength doubles as their Achilles heel: sameness and uniformity from cup to (resoundingly predictable) cup.

A growing local coffee roasting and preparing movement is bringing another perspective to the java conversation, though, by fostering a handmade artisanal approach. A recent visit to Kopplin’s in St. Paul found the place packed with a mid-day throng of students, parents and commuters—all willing to pay more-than-Caribou prices for individually made coffees and cappuccinos.

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Kopplin's Recommended as a "Top 10 Boutique Coffee Shop"

Bon AppÉtit Magazine | January, 2010
by Andrew Knowlton

City Pages Best Barista

A coffeehouse used to be just a few couches, ho-hum muffins, and free Wi-Fi. But a new generation of artisinal roasters and enthusiastic baristas is offering not only a quality cup of joe, but also sophisticated menus and innovative design. End result? Now you've got a real reason to hang out.

Great coffee starts with great expertly roasted beans. The Twin Cities' finest coffee shop sources from Terroir, a first-rate roaster. The pastries—including cinnamon buns and pecan shortbread—come from artisanal bakery Rustica.

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Kopplin's Featured in Eat.Shop Twin Cities

City Pages Best Barista

Eat.Shop Twin Cities is a curated guide of inspired and unique locally owned eating and shopping establishments in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Kopplin's "really good coffee" is featured on pages 44-45.

There are three things that are top of my list after I have my baby: take a scalding hot bath, eat a plate of raw fish and drink cup after cup of Kopplin's coffee. Andrew has a reputation in the Twin Cities for making the best cuppa joe in town—I could barely contain myself from indulging there while watching happy caffeinites start their day right. If coffee doesn't rock your boat, the tea selection there is just as carefully curated—though I will say to you tea people, I think you are missing out. Kopplin's might have you switching teams, if you give it a chance.

Kopplin's Voted Best Coffee Shop & Best Barista

City Pages
| 2009
- City Pages

City Pages Best Barista

Everyone loves the story of David versus Goliath. People love to see the little guy win. It's the reason we root for underdogs, watch Hoosiers, and support small businesses run by our neighbors. Kopplin's Coffee is such a business. This tiny cafe, nestled in a quiet section of St. Paul, can knock the portafilters off any coffee shop in Minneapolis. The baristas here can explain the cupping notes of an Ethiopian Bonko Sidamo and pour a latte Rosetta with enough fronds to provide shade. It was once thought that coffee reached its peak with the influx of the Starbucks mermaid, but then folks like Andrew Kopplin came along and pushed the game further. Enjoy a cup brewed in his $11,000 Clover coffeemaker and watch as a ristretto shot pours out a naked portafilter. Everything about this place is quality, and its customers quickly become converts. It's a reason to love your morning, and a reason to respect the underdog who is making his coffee the very best.

Mariah Patzner of Kopplin's Voted Best Barista

City Pages
| 2009
- City Pages

City Pages Best Barista

A barista can change your day. Be it with a simple smile or by remembering your favorite drink, they help get your morning started. But a barista like Mariah Patzner at Kopplin's coffee in St. Paul can change your life. For reals. One sip will make you a believer. She honed her craft in the hills of Eugene, Oregon, at a small roaster called Wandering Goat. There she went through a barista boot camp of sorts, spending days learning how to mete out 20 grams of espresso from a burr grinder, tap the grinds with 20 to 30 pounds of pressure, and perfect a ristretto pull by watching, smelling, and timing the water moving through a naked portafilter. If you have no idea what that means, don't worry. Patzner would just as soon talk about her other love, one more familiar to St. Paul natives: books. As for her own craft, one simple sip of espresso made with her care, attention, dexterity, and love will change the way you experience coffee. As a result, Mariah Patzner will change your life.